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Errol Vincent

Errol Vincent is a Real Estate Broker with over 25 years of experience actively assisting clients in residential and commercial real estate purchase transactions. Having experienced a variety of real estate markets, he believes that it is the challenging markets that have helped him the most to stay sharp and adaptable. A snap shot of Errol’s experience would show:

  • A Broker whose main concern is protecting his clients.
  • A business owner for over 16 years, with experience providing direct mentoring and training to agents in the areas of property valuation, marketing, contract writing, short sales, transaction management, and marketing.
  • A Broker with experience, not only in real estate sales transactions representing both Buyers and Sellers, but in mortgage brokering, as well.
  • A Broker who effectively assists buyers in in all types of transactions including purchasing REO and Government Owned (VA & HUD) properties, and creatively financed properties.
  • A Broker with a track record of negotiating positive outcomes for his both his Buyer and Seller clients.


Cynthia Vincent
Real Estate Salesperson

Cynthia Vincent has over 20 years of experience providing executive and backoffice support for VINCENTHOMES Real Estate Services. As a real estate salesperson,  she prides herself on creating a positive and uplifting experience for the clients she serves. Experienced in managing real estate transactions, she and Errol both strive to create a seamless and supportive customer experience for the people who make VINCENTHOMES what it is, our clients.

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